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To advance aviation safety and enhance the future viability of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Contract Tower Program, the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Board of Directors has authorized the creation of the U.S. Contract Tower Association (USCTA).



New! Presentation by Kim Curry to USCTA Policy Board

New! FAA briefing on UAS

New! 2015 USCTA Annual Report

New! December 2015 Newsletter

New! July 2015 Newsletter

New! Presentation to USCTA Policy Board by Kim Curry, Manager, FAA Contract Operations Group (AJT-21), January 29, 2015

2014 USCTA Annual Report

December 2014 News letter

July 2014 Senate letter to FAA

July 2014 House letter to FAA

USCTA July 2014 Newsletter

2013 USCTA Annual Report

June, 2013 Newsletter

Save Contract Towers Now! You Did It!!

Click here to view the USCTA Statement on the Impact of Sequestration on FAA's Contract Tower Program.

Click here to view the USCTA Statement and Background Information on the Impact of Sequestration on FAA's Contract Tower Program.

Click here to view a Jan. 24, 2013, update on the FAA Contract Tower Program by Manager Thomas Jones.

Click here to view a report prepared by Dr. Dave Byers of Quadrex on FAA Contract Tower Operations for Calendar Years 2011 and 2012.

Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

Dot Inspector General Reports

Click here to view the Nov. 5, 2012, DOT Office of Inspector General
Audit Report.

Click here to see the DOT Inspector General's Sept. 4, 2003 report, "Safety, Cost and Operational Metrics of FAA's VFR Towers."


August 2012 USCTA Newsletter

Click here to see the article on FAA's Contract Tower Program, which was featured in the October/November 2009 issue of Airport Magazine.

AFTIL Siting

Click here to see The updated AFTIL sitting order.

Click here to see Challenges and Recommendations for the AFTIL Tower Siting Process.

Contract Tower Program Information

Click here to view FAA Contract Tower Security Requirements.

here to view the The Federal Contract Tower Process
(Supplied by the Federal Aviation Administration Southwest Region/Central Service Area).

Click here to see the updated compilation of FAA Contract Towers Built at Non-Towered Airports. This information was developed by Brian Lally, P.E., of CTBXaviation June 2012.

Click here to see Elimination of the Use of APO-90-7 Benefit/Cost Analyses for the FAA Contract Tower Program.

Solving The FCT Staffing Crisis.

Click here to see FAA Contract Tower Minimum Equipment List.

Click here to see FAA Federal Contract Tower Program "The Government/Industry Partnership Dedicated to Air Traffic Safety."

Click here to see AIP Program Guidance Letter regarding funding of contract tower construction and equipment.

Click here to see FAA Contract Tower Program Fact Sheet.